Battle Cry! Online

The political zine, Battle Cry is now available for free viewing and download online. You can visit it at Substitute Scenery. If you’re interested in involvement or distribution, feel free to contact us at Substitute Scenery with any questions!

Battle Cry is intended not to make money, but to allow for a free flow of ideas, philosophy, and information in short-form punchy essays published onto single sheets of paper folded into booklets. Battle Cry strives to pass the mic to those willing to speak and is distributed in any state and any country with printers and the will to do so. Ally Lambeth is Cheif Editor and distributes copies while on tour as a musician.

As always, This zine is public property. All rights to copy, distribute, repurpose, or destroy this work lie in your hands.

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Battle Cry’s First Issue

Author: andie.vega.v

Traveling Artist, Musician, and Photographer from Greensboro, NC

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