Get Involved with Battle Cry!

Are you a politically minded artist looking for a place for your voice to be heard? Battle Cry is distributed for the cost of production wherever it can weave itself into, and we’re always looking for visual artists and political writers from all different backgrounds to voice their opinion. Not everything we receive can be used, but we will get back to requests we wish to publish.

Compensation for artists is in the form of 10 physical copies of the issue they contributed to which can be sold, distributed, or destroyed at their leisure. Artists can sell or give away their copies at whatever price they see fit. Artists will also receive an electronic PDF with which they can make unlimited copies. Battle Cry is not intended as a moneymaker, it is designed to spread ideas & philosophies in a brightly colored eye-catching format. For this reason, there is no monetary compensation for a contribution, but you are allowed to sell your copies wor whatever you please.

Writers: Essays should be between 100-200 words, and prove a point in a short-form argument. Previous & Upcoming topics have been on the Failure of the Electoral College, Lack of Separation of Church and State, Gun Control, and Labor Surplus/wage deficit. If you have a new political idea, feel free to contact us below.

Visual Artists: We generally look for colorful artwork for the covers and insides of the zine. Artwork can be any size, any make, just printable and susceptible to a pair of scissors. You’re always welcome to send samples our way.


Contact Battle Cry:

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